Tavern’s Memorial day Picnic

Join us Sunday May 24 for our Tavern Memorial Day Picnic
We start taking orders from 2pm till 8pm

Hot Dogs 8
Two all beef hot dogs, topped with diced onions, chili and cheddar/ jack cheese. 

½ dozen wings 6/ Dozen wings   12
We got wings, we got buffalo sauce, we got Memphis bbq sauce, we got ranch. What more can you ask for?

½ Rack of our ST. Louis Ribs   14
Pork spareribs tossed in our award-winning Memphis BBQ sauce.

Applewood grilled chicken breast   7
Applewood seasoned chicken breast, flame kissed to perfection!!

BBQ Platter   10
Our famous Pulled pork BBQ is here by the Pound.

Add ½ pint of coleslaw for $2
Add ½ pint of potato salad for $3
Add a basket of fries for $3
Add a basket of sweet fries for $4
Add a basket of onion rings for $5

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